Lesson Policy

We want to provide a good value and we want the student to have a fun and enriching musical experience. Here's how we do it: 


GuitarSmart charges a flat monthly rate for all private music lessons. Your payment for one month includes 4 half hour long lessons (or two hours total lesson time) at a regular timeslot. 

Attending lessons at regular intervals is crucial to any music student's success. We want every student to succeed. Consistent lesson attendance results in happy and more productive students. Always.

We want you to take your lessons. If you need to miss a lesson, there's often an opportunity to get a makeup within a reasonable time frame. Common ways to make up your lesson time are to attend your lesson on a different day or stay double time when the teacher's schedule allows. It is almost always possible to get two hours of lesson time in a month, even in those busy seasons. We promise. We want you to get your two hours....and we even figured out a way to give our students some lessons free of charge.



Free Lessons Several times a year your normal lesson time will occur 5 times on the calendar. GuitarSmart does not charge extra for these full months, resulting in several unbilled lessons a year. These free lessons can also offset any lessons students miss and are unable to makeup!

Basically, we want you to get your all your lessons and then some! It's way more fun and it's better for you! Some places sell a-la-carte lessons and let students come in here or there without a specific plan for success. Trust us. It doesn't work. Regular lesson attendance helps students achieve their goals faster which results in saving money! 

Reasonable exceptions New students who are able to begin mid-month will be billed accordingly. Also, GuitarSmart doesn't bill for major holidays or days that instructors cancel in advance. These months will also be discounted accordingly. Emergency cancellations by instructors will result in a makeup or an appropriate discount on the the following month's tuition. 

Forms of payment GuitarSmart accepts online payments as well as cash, check and all major credit cards in person on the first lesson of the month.