Blues and Rock n Roll

Learn the musical language that built America. GuitarSmart focuses on the blues vocabulary as well as the skills behind the greatest rock recordings.

Rhythm Guitar and Chords
We focus on teaching the unique harmony and chord progressions found in rock and blues music. Going beyond the simple 12 bar patterns, we dissect what made this music great.


Pop and Country

Nashville Numbers
Learn tunes fast like the Nashville studio pros

Ensemble Playing
Learn to sit in with a group of musicians and find your unique 'voice' in the mix

Chord Voicing
GuitarSmart teaches how to understand chords over and harmony found in popular music. 



Heavy Metal

Popular picking techniques such as directional picking, alternate picking, and sweeping. 

Syncopated Rhythm Playing
Master the intricate and fast rhythms unique to heavy metal. Everything from from groove metal to modern 'core' breakdowns are covered.


Jazz and Fusion

Bebop Improvisation
The nitty gritty of one of the most challenging forms of musical expression. GuitarSmart goes deeper than the typical 'scales' method and fleshes out the real VOCABULARY of this amazing music. 

Advanced concepts such as odd meters, modal and 'outside' playing, as well as pop/smooth crossover styles.