Child Beginners

A fun learning experience
GuitarSmart tailors children's lessons to take advantage of each student's strengths. We teach music that is fun and engaging that grows with the student's abilities.

Music Reading
Fundamentals are important! GuitarSmart helps young students learn to read real sheet music early and we make it fun!

Build confidence
Lessons at GuitarSmart teach students how to problem solve. We provide a fun and balanced challenge that will leave kids feeling a sense of accomplishment.

Adult Beginners

Chord Strumming
Learn the rock n roll musical language of rhythm guitar.

Lead Guitar
Learn the basics of how to play impressive rock n' roll and blues leads.

Sheet Music
We introduce sheet music concepts early and in a way that makes it easy for beginners to start learning the RIGHT WAY!

Intermediate and Advanced Students

More Vocabulary. Less Scales.
We likes scales as much as the next musician, but GuitarSmart knows how to focus on music vocabulary with the theory and grids as a supporting skill rather than the defining one.

Teaching the Skills the Real Pros Use
GuitarSmart can train aspiring musicians in the skills they need to land gigs. Advanced rhythmic concepts, sight reading, playing over changes are covered as well as how to play well in multiple styles and settings.